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Apple Patch

About:  Apple Patch seeks to improve the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through an array of support services that assists each person in achieving their highest potential and lead independent and productive lives.

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Aspen Community Living


About:  Aspen Community Living provides support and services for individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities.

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 Cedar Lake



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About: St. Mary’s Center, a non-denominational agency, serves over 150 adults and teens with intellectual disabilities from the Louisville Metro area. We are in our 21st year of providing vocational, functional, academic and socialization training. In addition, we teach lifetime leisure skills and a vast array of sports activities. These person-centered programs and services enable our participants to become more independent and fully functioning members of our community.


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Zoom Group

Mission: To help adults with developmental disabilities choose their vocation and reach their full potential, through a continuum of services including: job training, employment services and involvement in the community. Founded in 1986, Zoom Group is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization and a member of the Ability One program.