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Mustang Families,

What a fabulous start to the 2016-17 school year!  My favorite time of the year is right now…the beginning.  I love nothing more than our Mustang family returning from the summer break to unite in our schoolhouse.  Energy is so positive this year.  Smiles ear to ear as students, faculty and staff come together and begin forming new relationships. 

I hope you have noticed how beautiful our building looks.  Our custodial staff worked extremely hard over the summer preparing our building—rooms and floors scrubbed along with a fresh coat of interior paint for all.  Sure sets the stage for great things to happen when our environment is clean and shiny. 

Of course our teachers and classified folks have worked diligently to prepare for the opening of school, and our first three days have gone without a hitch!  I couldn’t be more proud. 

We do have new faculty and staff to introduce. Please welcome them!

Newest Mustangs

Christina (Christy) Davis—Bookkeeper

Linda Key—Cafeteria Manager

Taylor Norton—6th grade counselor

Andrew Schulte—7th grade social studies

Amanda Weyhing—8th grade social studies

Kristine Holobinko—7th and 8th grade science

Max Valentine—7th grade science

Brenda Cole—RA Investigate and Innovate

Rosemary Eifler—RA Drama and humanities

Emily Boccieri—ECS 7th grade

Charles Ives—ECS 6th grade

Debbie Kovarovic—special class aide

Taylor Alstatt—instructional aide

Thanks to all parents who are part of our PTSA and Booster Club organizations.  Without these two very important groups of Mustang parents, we would not be as successful as we are.  Wonderful and productive partnerships have formed over the years and I appreciate the work these groups do to support our Mustangs.  I value the leadership of the presidents—Jill Turner, PTSA and Jenna Timmering, Booster Club.  Don’t hesitate to contact either of these ladies if you wish to get involved.


Thank you for your patience as we make the transition from our previous system to our new security system.  We are not fully there, as we are still working out the kinks.  If you have questions, please ask them.  Knowing that this is all in the order to keep our Mustangs safe makes is worth the current inconveniences.  Again, thank you for your patience and understanding.

Doors Open

Our school will open for students at 8:00 each day.  Please do not drop off your students prior to 8:00, as we do not have staffing to supervise them.  It will not be permissible to have student wait in the breezeway prior to 8:00 as was allowed in previous years.  This is all for safety reasons.  Change can be difficult at times.  Hopefully, knowing that this is to ensure our Mustangs are safe, you will understand.

On Wednesdays, FCA begins at 7:45 in the gym.  Our doors will open at 7:45 on Wednesday only to accommodate those wishing to participate. 


Drop-off and Pick-up

We are doing really well with drop-off and pick-up this year.  We are still trying to get our new Mustang families to understand the process to allow for safety and maximum efficiency.  Let me review a few points.

~As you pull into the drive, there are three lanes.  The right lane and middle lanes are where you should be if you are dropping-off or picking-up at the curb.  These lanes merge on the drive where there is a slight incline.  We will be putting signs up to assist new folks to know where the actual merge occurs.  The lane to the left when you pull in is used if you wish to park on the side lot.  This will allow you to drop your student off there, or if you wish to come into the building.  We have someone who will stop traffic to cross people to the sidewalk—for safety reasons.

~The front lot is for faculty and staff.  Please do not pull in to drop off students or to come into the building.  If you need to do any of these things, please pull to the side lot (visiting parking). 

~It is imperative that you don’t ask your student to come down to the bottom of the line to meet you.  This will cause students to cut through traffic which is unsafe.  I ask that you do not park at the bottom of the hill on the strip of drive between our school lot and where the high school begins. This is not safe for our students either. 

~We have 4 dedicated and trained student safety patrol.  Their dedication and ambition to serve our school community in the name of safety is honorable.  Please thank them for their commitment and service when you have a moment. 

~Do Not enter through the entrance that says, “DO NOT ENTER”.  This is dangerous practice.  Please pay attention to the signage.  As you enter or exit the parking lot, please drive slowly as we do have walkers.  Safety is key.

~If you choose to allow your student to walk/ride a bike to school and they will be crossing Highway 1793, note that this is a busy and congested highway.  In addition, there is not a crosswalk or crossing guard.   I have spent hours researching, talking with the state and folks at the school board level regarding this situation.  There are many requirements and responsibilities the state mandates and in order for a crosswalk to be put in place (paid manned position), which cannot be assumed by the school.  This is not up to the county as it is a state highway. Please consider utilizing the bus service OCS provides that will get your student to/from school safely.

Upcoming Events

August 19--Please join us tonight for our Back to School Bash from 5-7:30 sponsored by our Booster club.  Bring the family ($5 a family) and your lawn chairs or blanket to enjoy the sounds of a DJ. Plan to bring extra money as there will be food trucks!  We will gather on the grassy area by the gazebo.  Then you can head over to NOHS to cheer on the HS Mustangs at their first home football game. 

August 24--8th grade Open House 5-7.

August 25—7th grade Open House 5-6:30.

August 26th—mark your calendar!  It is our first back to school dance sponsored by our PTSA.  Dance is only $5 and is from 7-9 p.m.  Great time for our student Mustangs to come and socialize with each other as they show their moves to music provided by the DJ.  Bring some extra money as we will have food and drinks. 



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