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March 2016


Spring is approaching and the warmer weather is welcomed with open arms. This time of year is when parents might begin to think about the upcoming year. Might the expectations be different next year? Who might my child’s teachers be? How can I continue to support my child as he/she navigates the continued journey in middle school and beyond?

I share this article with you to add to your parental toolbox as a possible resource.


Safety Upgrade

Over the next several weeks, you may begin to see workmen working in and outside of our building and eventually some structural and procedural changes. This phase will include the installation of more cameras, a front door buzzer system for visitors, and a new system for faculty and staff to enter the building. Our routine entering the building will be different and may feel impersonal, however, this is all to ensure the safety of all Mustangs. Once in the building, the welcoming and supportive feel will be ever so present.


Carpool Line Reminders

During both drop off and pick up, please pull all the way to the end of the front sidewalk. This allows for the traffic to stay off 1793 and allows optimal efficiency and safety.

When picking up your child(ren) from school in the carpool line, I request that you not ask your child(ren) to meet you at the bottom of the hill, or have them meet you in the front lot (faculty/staff), or park at Longwood and have your child(ren) cross 1793. Enter either the two outside lanes to pick up at the curb, or to take the inside lane to park in the side lot and your child(ren) can meet you at your car or you can park and come meet your child. My request is to ensure the safety of our Mustangs. The traffic does flow when these procedures are followed. I thank you in advance for your continued cooperation.


SBDM Elections

Our PTSA will hold SBDM elections in the coming weeks for openings on the council for the 2016-17 year. Stay tuned for upcoming details about how to nominate or be nominated, dates for voting and next steps. This service is a good way to be involved in our school. Our current two parent representatives will be cycling off as they finish the 2 year cycle. Stay tuned for more information.


Report Cards

End of the 3rd quarter is March 18th and report cards go home on March 25th. Your child will bring those home.



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