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Mustang Parents,

October is knocking on our door so quickly this year. Seemed like we were just reconnecting at registration and looking forward to beginning the 2016-17 school year together and here we find ourselves getting ready to bring our first 9 weeks to a close (October 11—report cards sent home on the 19th).

Our Mustangs, students and adults, have been showing their brainpower in all they do. Classrooms are alive with discussions that cause us all to think. Classrooms are alive with students learning from one another. Classrooms are alive with inquiry, problem solving and creating. Classrooms are alive with inspiration, empowerment and unity! Our schoolhouse is bursting with learning happening on many levels.


Release of KPREP Scores

As you are aware, each spring students throughout Kentucky take the Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress (KPREP) and each fall districts and schools then receive KPREP scores. This data provides schools feedback on students’ academic progress in a variety of content areas. NOMS looks at the data holistically as a school, and then individually as students. Our analysis factors into next steps as we work to ensure the success of all Mustangs.

The test remains the same, but the scoring has changed to one of continuous improvement. Let me share a few of the changes.


KPREP--New Scoring Model

By design, the new accountability model is a continuous improvement model and highlights more clearly the areas that need improvement. So, the changes to the scoring model will result in identifying targeted next steps that will help our students in the future.

A large focus of the scoring, under the new system, will be on the students who are typically in underperforming subpopulations. The new system puts emphasis on moving those students from the Novice category into an Apprentice level or above.

You may have seen the release of these scores through local new stations. While, KPREP scores are part of our data we collect, these scores don’t paint the entire picture of our schoolhouse or individual Mustangs.


NOMS Highlights:

School Classification Category: Distinguished School

Overall Score: 80.1 (10 points higher than the KY Overall Accountability Cut Score)

Achievement Scores: Reading 93.3

                               Math 99.3

Program Review: 23 (perfect score—Practical Living and Career Studies, Arts and Humanities, Writing, and Global Competency and World Languages)


Even with many highlights to celebrate, there are areas of growth that need to be addressed. We are looking forward to using these results, along with other pieces of relevant data, to identify these growth areas as our continued goal is to enhance learning for ALL of our students.

All of this to say, I am so very proud of NOMS and all of those who fill our schoolhouse—students, faculty and staff and parents. Together we are doing such great things—thanks to all for Inspiring, Empowering and Uniting one another. I could not be more proud.


Carrie Pitsenberger


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